Our Guarantee

Our promise and service guarantee

1. Our service is free, so you have nothing to lose. When you book your vacation with B-MY Travel Agent, you’re not only getting the best-in-class service, but you’re working with an agent that specializes in exactly the type of trip and destination you’re looking for. Travel agent services are free to you since the industry partners pay the agents commission.

2. We will provide personalized service because you’re booking with a real person. No website is going to know you and care about you like I will.  If you live close by, we can arrange to meet you if you need to discuss your travel plans in person. We are here to answer any questions that you may have (regardless of how many or silly they may seem to you they are all important to us) If you encounter a problem while on your trip you will have someone to call for help.  It is reasonable to expect an agent to help you if something goes wrong while you’re on your trip, instead of pushing you off on the airline or cruise line we are here to help. We will keep you posted on any deadlines for making payments and getting the necessary paperwork to travel. However, you alone are responsible for meeting all those requirements, not your agent.

3. By booking with us you will not only save time researching your own travel, but you will have   knowing you are not getting scammed by false promises on the Internet.

4.  If you still aren’t convinced, we have a Best Travel Price Guarantee.
Book and confirm any type of travel through us and if you find a directly comparable lower price within certain notice periods, we will match or beat it. If we fail to match or beat the price, Inteletravel will issue you an InteleBucks credit of 110% of the difference for use toward future Inteletravel travel purchases.