Meet Us

Greetings from the Meyers clan! We are Brian, Kayla, Wyatt and Wynsley. I (Kayla) am an Independent Travel Agent with Inteletravel doing business as B-MY Travel Agent. By linking up with Intetravel  a well established company that has been in business since 1992 with an A rating with the BBB I am able to offer more services to anyone, anywhere. 
My husband, Brian, you will mostly find him behind the computer screen. He does the behind the scenes work with the websites, social media platforms, and will research the top trends in travel! He is very knowledgeable about what is going on in the world and wants to make sure that when we send our guests to their destination, that we do so safely.
I was bitten by the travel bug at the age of 21 when I completed my student teaching in New Zealand. Before that, the furthest I had been from Pennsylvania was to Disney World. I flew by myself, lived with a host family, and experienced the country not knowing anyone. The world is full of amazingly beautiful places and I saw that firsthand! I want to continue to travel and pass on the love of this world to our children.


The question we keep getting is why are you doing this? We have the same answer every time… Wyatt and Wynsley. More specifically, it’s about what we want to give them. Gifts are nice, but we feel that experiences last a lifetime. We want to show them that there is more to this life then living in York. The world is so big and wonderful! Let’s get out and see it! Tired of hearing me talk about New Zealand? Why not go see why it’s so amazing…we definitely plan to go back! Want to see different islands in a few days and learn about their cultures? Take a cruise! Want to visit every baseball stadium in the US or see Elton John’s final tour? Well get hopping and bopping to the crocodile rock! Planning is key, but there is a way! So let’s talk! Let me know what you want to see deals for!We will take care of all of your travel needs. Do vacation photos inspire you to take the adventure of your dreams? We CAN HELP! Contact us today to book all of your travel needs….we can get you where you want to go!